Today is the 8th anniversary of the day I survived a life-changing car accident.  I would much rather forget this day ever happened.  In fact, thanks to a phenomenon known as trauma amnesia, I have no conscious recollection of most of this entire day. It’s weird, I know!

But God said to remember the things that He has brought us through, and so every year I spend some time pondering this event.  This is my Egypt. My Red Sea- so I must remember it.

In Isaiah 46, one of those passages where He instructs us to remember, God tells us this:

“Even to your old age and gray hairs
    I am he, I am he who will sustain you.
I have made you and I will carry you;
    I will sustain you and I will rescue you.”

Today on this survive-a-versary I am not just remembering being rescued from a nasty car wreck, though that is something to remember, and celebrate. 

But today I am remembering, and giving thanks, for so many other rescues He has accomplished in my life.  Rescues from bad relationships, from financial hardship, from loneliness.  On a regular basis He rescues me from the depths of despair, from hopelessness, and from helplessness.  

He has rescued me from self-worship, pride, and faithlessness.  

For all of these rescues, I give Him glory. 

But He has done more than rescue me.  He has made me. I was created by Him for a specific purpose, to give Him glory by using the special gifts that He has given me.  Today, I examine myself and ask, am I living up to that purpose He has given me?

He daily sustains me. Today I examine myself and ask, am I thankful for His abundant provisions in my life?  Provisions of shelter, food, clothing, transportation, medical care?  

He carries me.  After my accident, it was hard to walk.  It was even hard to lie down in the bed.  Honestly, all these years later it still is most days.  So I have developed a very deep appreciation for a loving God Who carries me.  When I am overcome by the cares of this world and don’t know which direction to go- He carries me.  When I am burdened to the point that I no longer even know how to pray- He carries me. 

This passage in Isaiah 46 ends with God’s declaration of salvation for His people.  Every year when I look at my bashed in car, I realize that He has saved me from so much more than this. He has saved me from eternity in hell where I would be forever away from Him.  He has saved me for Himself, and for His splendor.  

I may not remember the details of September 7, 2014, but I will never forget all of God’s goodness to me through the years, and I will continue to praise Him for all of it.  

Yes, today is a good day to remember all of these things.  

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