Category: Sanctification

  • Today is the 8th anniversary of the day I survived a life-changing car accident.  I would much rather forget this day ever happened.  In fact, thanks to a phenomenon known as trauma amnesia, I have no conscious recollection of most of this entire day. It’s weird, I know! But God said to remember the things that He has brought […]

  • The Depth of Confession

    Have you ever felt like something in your day was a little bit off?  Something that you couldn’t really put your finger on- just a feeling that something wasn’t quite right? And the more you think about it, the more you get the suspicion that the thing that isn’t quite right is… you? Okay, I’m […]

  • Trihagion: Say that 3 times fast!

    I will admit, the first time I encountered the term trihagion in Bible college I thought it was a reference to one of Paul’s sports analogies. He’s always using those!  But as I continued to read I discovered that this term refers to something much more powerful than running, jumping or hitting something.

  • The Sweet Fragrance of a Bruised Heart

    Inside this box is my favorite perfume. I like it because it has a soft and simple fragrance. It doesn’t smell trendy, it doesn’t smell like it came from a department store. It’s nostalgic and uncomplicated. With the recent popularity of aromatherapy and essential oils, we know that fragrances have the ability to restore, soothe […]