Category: Eternity

  • Today is the 8th anniversary of the day I survived a life-changing car accident.  I would much rather forget this day ever happened.  In fact, thanks to a phenomenon known as trauma amnesia, I have no conscious recollection of most of this entire day. It’s weird, I know! But God said to remember the things that He has brought […]

  • Everlasting Arms

    A couple of days ago, I was reading Charles Spurgeon’s Morning by Morning devotional. He wrote this: “We need winds and tempests to exercise our faith, to tear off the rotten bough of self-dependence, and to root us more firmly in Christ. The day of evil reveals to us the value of our glorious hope.” (Spurgeon, p. […]

  • Stay Safe

    Not long after the Coronavirus pandemic started we began seeing almost an immediate, global new email vocabulary.  I never saw a memo on it; maybe it was subliminally communicated somehow.  It was just something that almost everyone started including as their complimentary email close- “Stay Safe.” Some people might change it up by adding a “Stay Healthy” […]

  • The Longest Night

    It feels like night.  Not the part of night where candles are lit in festivity or celebration. Where friends and family are enjoying some gathering. It feels like the part where candles are lit in a desperate and breathless attempt to drive the pitch-black darkness away into the deeper shadows.  The part where you are all alone […]

  • Unexpected

    Monday night, I got a call that a dear member of our family had passed away suddenly. I don’t know that I have yet wrapped my mind around it, and don’t know that I will ever stop missing him.   David is not what we call in the South my “blood relative.”  He was married to my […]

  • Another September 7

    Today I noticed a few brown leaves on the driveway. I’m pretty sure they died of heat exhaustion, but still, I like to think that maybe Fall is on its way.  I’m trying to notice the acorns that are falling off the oaks around the yard, trying to notice how long it takes the squirrels […]

  • The King Is Coming

    Palm Sunday is one of those church days that many people are not really sure about. It’s typically observed with children marching through the sanctuary (or other type of place of worship) waving palm fronds that children’s leaders have probably searched out high and low the day before. The Triumphal Entry- A Foretaste of His […]

  • That Day

    One day, it will be That Day. It will be the day that I wake up and go through the same motions I go through every single day. Drinking that glorious first cup of coffee. Having my quiet time with my bossy cat competing for lap space with my Bible. Taking a shower. Make-up. Hair. […]

  • Grasp International

    It’s kind of a scary feeling to know that in just a couple of days there will be people reading the pages that I wrote for Advent this year. I’ve been praying fervently for the hearts of those of you who will be reading the devotionals, that the Lord will strengthen my feeble effort and […]

  • Got A Minute?

    I am a pretty avid procrastinator. It’s an issue. There are goals I keep failing to reach, projects I keep failing to complete. On the other hand, I am on my second binging of all nine seasons of The Office for 2018. So yeah, I do have it in me to finish something. Anyway, I […]