Keep Counting

November has raced half-way by us with a vengeance this year! Or at least it seems that way to me. I’ve hardly oriented myself to the fact that this is Thanksgiving Month, and now it’s already time to put the turkey in the refrigerator to start thawing (to those who always forget to thaw the bird until it’s almost too late- you’re welcome!).

Okay, I admit- this November, with all the political elections drama, I haven’t been very social-media-active. I have noticed, though, that the number of daily “thankful” posts has decreased drastically this year compared to previous years. And I wonder why?

The practice of posting gratitude for 30 days during November is not something that I have ever done, but only because I have a terrible track record for keeping up. I would be the person who always catches up like four days at one time!  But I have always been inspired by reading the posts of others, and this year I have missed that.

And, I have wondered what is going on. Have we stopped counting our blessings this year? Have we been inundated with so much negativity that we are losing sight of our blessings? Have we reached a point where we have stopped gazing in wonder at the amazing gifts, whether mundane or magnificent, that God has lavished on us?

Or, maybe we’re all just counting them in our hearts instead of on our screens. I like to think that’s what it is, because I think that we all understand at this point that the intimacy that we share with our Savior doesn’t happen on an app- it happens in the silent, unobserved moments shared away from the world’s stage. Those precious moments in His presence are blessings beyond all others. Many times, they serve to leave us wordless, and maybe that is the best way for us to keep counting.

I want to develop a more thankful heart. Sometimes I can focus more on the things that I don’t have, and I don’t want to be that person. Just in the past couple of weeks that I have been taking more notice of the goodness of gratitude in my life, there have been some very remarkable blessings that the Lord has drawn my attention to. To me, this says that God will honor our efforts at thanksgiving, no matter how weak and frail they may be, when they come from a truly sincere heart.

Whether you post it, blog it, tweet it, or whisper it in the quiet of your prayer closet, keep counting your blessings, keep growing your thankful heart. It really will change your life, and I believe it is one of those powerful things that will also change our world.

Keep reading to about Advent!!

There has been such an amazing response to this year’s Advent book! Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased one. The author copies I have ordered have been promised out before they even arrive! If you haven’t purchased yours yet, you can pick one up right here.


As promised, I will be giving away an Advent wreath with candles to one of my readers. The giveaway will take place on Tuesday, 21 November. Everyone who comments on this post here or on Facebook will be entered to win.  So don’t keep your thoughts to yourself! Here’s a photo of what will be given away. It’s a simple and elegant wreath that can be embellished with fresh (or faux) greenery, and will fit in to most everyone’s Christmas decor.


More to come on Advent as we get closer to this exciting time of preparation.

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