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  • The Tyranny of the Fit-Bit

    My Fit-Bit is a tyrant. There. I’ve said it. I’ve needed to get that off my chest for awhile now and it feels good to finally get it out. I’ve used Fit-Bits for about ten or so years, and for the most part, they are pretty motivating. Especially when I changed to a more sedentary […]

  • A Humbled Heart

    We are mid-way through Advent, and though I know I’ve already given you plenty to read in my devotional The Wondrous Gift, I wanted to take a moment and share my heart with you about this year’s book. First, I fell short of my sales/distribution goal for this year’s book by over 150 books. My goal […]

  • A Time for Rest

    Advent begins in one week and I admit, this year, my spirit is looking forward to this season more so than usual. Advent is that time of year that quiets my soul in the middle of chaos, and I know that many of us need our souls to find rest this year. We have all […]

  • Keep Counting

    November has raced half-way by us with a vengeance this year! Or at least it seems that way to me. I’ve hardly oriented myself to the fact that this is Thanksgiving Month, and now it’s already time to put the turkey in the refrigerator to start thawing (to those who always forget to thaw the […]

  • There All Along

    This spring I have really been getting a lot of pleasure from listening to the birds that are visiting our yard. Every morning and evening their singing touches a place of nostalgia in me. That feeling- how to describe it- it’s almost a feeling of homesickness for my childhood summers when I was outside from […]

  • Royal Beauty Bright

    Matthew 2:1-12 The King of Heaven and Earth became a tiny baby, wrapped in swaddling cloths, and placed in a manger. The humble surroundings didn’t cause Him to lose His beauty or majesty. The angels still sang, the shepherds still worshipped, the star still burned. There is a lyric in a Christmas song that always […]