The Wondrous Gift: Advent 2019

Advent begins December 1 this year, and I’m excited to say that my book of Advent devotions is now available on Amazon.

The Wondrous Gift is a collection of devotional readings focused on biblical miracles. This theme of miracles came from a point in my own heart and life where situations and circumstances were so difficult that the only solution I could see was for God to intervene. Maybe you have circumstances in your life where you’ve come to the same conclusion.

There have been a lot obstacles to getting this book written this year, but even those obstacles have been a merciful lesson in seeing God work through the big difficulties and small.

This year, during the time I would normally be getting underway in the actual writing process, I was learning a new job (well, the same job, just in a new agency). This year has brought some challenges with my health, leaving me tired and distracted. And, there have also been countless hours spent counseling and encouraging friends during some heart-breaking life changes. Oh, and just for a little added fun, my writing computer crashed just as we were getting this thing through the final formatting and editing process.

Suffice it to say, this year I started the project feeling very drained and very dry- until I finally told the Lord that I couldn’t write this book. If it was going to happen this year, it would literally have to come from Him. This was my point of yielding completely to Him, and once again I learned that amazing things will happen when we truly stop striving and just let Him take control.

As I turned this book over to Him, He began to show me that all of those things I saw as obstacles were building blocks, that my spirit that felt so drained by life’s circumstances had been filled up with a deeper love for and trust in my Savior. And that is when I began to write.

God intervened. There was no visible miracle, but the miraculous happened in my life nonetheless. The still small voice of the presence of God spoke encouragement, reminded me of my history, showed me my miracles.

My prayer this year is that as you read through the book, you will find your miracles as well. I pray you will see God working in your life in big ways and small, and be encouraged and inspired.

Proceeds from this year’s book will be going to HALO Group, in Perry, GA. HALO is a non-profit group with a vision for helping adults with developmental disabilities and autism- vocationally, socially, and residentially. You can read more about this group right here. This is a great group of people with such an important mission in our community. I’m excited to be partnering with them this year.

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