Come to Us, Abide with Us


Luke 2:1-20

Christmas is in seven days. Are you ready? Are your cards sent, gifts wrapped? Are your travel plans made?

Many think of Advent only as the season leading up to Christmas. There are a prescribed number of days that we count down to the special day when we celebrate Jesus’ birth. We know when Christmas is coming.

But the people who had waited centuries for their Messiah to come didn’t know when He was coming. Not until, of course, the angels started showing up and telling people!

Advent isn’t only about Christmas. It’s also about Jesus’ return to earth. There is no countdown for that- only God the Father knows the date and the time.

We are meant to be ready at any time for Him to return for us. During this final week of Advent, take a moment to examine your heart and understand how the Lord means for you to prepare.

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