The Cost of Friendship

Maybe I’m too nice, but somehow I agreed to knit a blanket for a friend. Let’s stop right here and clear something up. My blanket queue is full, so please don’t ask me to make one for you- because I’m too nice and I will feel depths of guilt you can’t imagine until I do it.   Now, let’s move on with the story.

After many months, I’m finally on my last ball of yarn. This afternoon, as I got about twenty stitches into a line, my favorite circular needles (bamboo, 10.5, 40 inch) broke. As you can see below, the wire pulled right out of the end.


I sat there holding on to two sides of the stitches trying to figure out what to do. Then, I remembered that when I first started this project, I bought some nice metal needles. Shiny, metal that the yarn just glides right over. They are lovely needles, with a bright red cord. I was so eager to use them when I first got them.


I dug them out of my knitting basket, and proceeded to thread the stitches on so that I could pick up right where I left off, without losing any stitches and making a mess. Before I finished the first, newly threaded row, I remembered why these shiny metal needles are in the bottom of my knitting basket.


They hurt!  Every time I push a stitch off, it feels like a hole is being poked in my finger. Here I have it double-band-aided.

Honestly, I was tempted to just cast the thing off and be done with it. But I won’t. I will finish it to the length it needs to be. And I will try to do it with a good attitude, because even though I’ve begun to really not like this blanket, I really love my friend and I want her to enjoy it.

No matter what the inconvenience is, when it comes to our friends, we do whatever we can to make their lives better. A good friend is a valuable gift from God, and a sharp needle repeatedly poking a hole in my finger is a small price to pay for a faithful friendship.

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