What’s so good about it?

So how was your day today? Stressful? Brutally busy and overwhelming? Did you have to stop at some point and catch your breath? Or was breathing a luxury for you today?

Today I observed people around me so knotted up with tension, worry, and anxiety that not a speck of joy or gladness could be found in their countenance. Instead there was anger, fear, irritation, and resignation. I watched as drivers who were in such a hurry and full of impatience caused near-accidents on the highways as they raced to get to where they were going and to get there first.

Today I listened as people listed off the multitude of worries and obligations on their shoulders this week, and heard the anxiety in their voices rise as they wondered how they would get through it all- dreading the week before them.

Today, I tried to see this real world that we real people live in through the filter of Holy Week. This week that has been set aside for all believers to stop the usualness of life and just remember Jesus. This week that we can enter into the fellowship of His suffering, and ultimately His victory, all for our redemption. We can- if we will.

This journey, this road home we are traveling, though difficult at times, was never meant to be filled with burdens we carry alone. It is not a contest to see how much we can bear before we break. It is meant to be a steady stroll with a Savior-Companion who loves us beyond measure and wants to always be in fellowship with us- if we will allow Him to be.


This week- just for these few holiest of holy days, can we make the conscious choice to put aside those things that we consider “suffering” for just a little while, and think of Him? Can we make remembering our Savior throughout this week our top priority, knowing that as He walked through His last days before the cross, He made us His priority? Can we be still for a little while and just remember Him? Not that we forget our own struggles; just that we see them through the filters of Golgotha, of Calvary, of the empty tomb. We can- if we will.

And if we will, we will understand the power of the victory that Christ won for us- for our day to day usualness of life, and for all eternity.



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