Currently, my devotional book Soul Anchors is only available directly from me. To purchase, please email me at Books are $7 and shipping is free for three or fewer copies. Discounts are available for larger orders.

If you have purchased a copy of my book, Soul Anchors, this page provides you the opportunity to access session guides that complement the chapters in the book.

These studies are not mirror images of the chapters in the book, rather they are studies that enhance the material contained within the book. Each session guide explains the best format for teaching, and explains how the guides and the book can be used together.

Make sure to download each file and save it to your computer to be able to edit it to best fit the needs of your study group.

Ultimately, Soul Anchors is about focusing on the simple truth that our hope, the anchor for our souls, is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So my goal in providing these teaching and listening guides is to make this message accessible to everyone who wants to share it. May your heart be blessed, and may God be glorified.

Anchored by Love Session Guide

Anchored by Truth Session Guide

Anchored by Peace Session Guide

Anchored by Freedom Session Guide