Quarantine Question: Who Wears the Crown?

Amid all the voices in this new world we’re living in, one fact that has not escaped my attention- in fact, it’s a thought that has been simmering in my mind for awhile- is that “corona” is the word from which we derive the word “crown.” And this has led me to think about the important matter of rulership in my life.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been working through an aggressive Bible reading plan for what has now been 62 days. I’m currently in Ezekiel, if you’re keeping track of my progress.

In the Old Testament, particularly in the prophets, I clearly get the sense of how deeply God wants to be the ruler of His people. God created His people. He has rescued us time and time again. He has forgiven our wickedness. And He has so much goodness for us- if we would only acknowledge Him as our King.

A choice to make

You see, another thing that’s clear to me is that God desires us to choose Him. In fact, He desires this so much that He is willing to let us go our own way rather than force us to love Him. I can’t presume to understand how God feels when we don’t choose to love Him. But I can read the words that He spoke through the prophets. For example, the many times He compared His people who had turned to idolatry to a wicked adulteress. When He spoke of wrath and anger and sorrow, and loss and devastation.

And then I can see how He still spoke of redemption for His people who returned to Him. Redemption and reunion, healing and restoration.

His crown or mine?

This process of momentarily shutting down portions of my life has gone somewhat slowly for me. Mainly because I really just wanted to stick my head in the sand and not pay attention to the craziness going on around me. Also, because I felt this vacuum in my time that I needed to fill with mindless activities. But then, I slowed down. I allowed myself the quietness to think- to examine my life, my priorities. To take a long deep look at my soul.

I started asking the question- who is truly ruling my life? Over the course of the moments of my life, am I taking off my ugly, banged up, dirty crown, and allowing Jesus- the Almighty, holy, and righteous King to rule me? Am I a humble, willing subject in His Kingdom? Or am I an arrogant, willful child, unwilling to admit that I’m not competent to run my own life.

Here and Now or Then and There

Most importantly, I’ve been called to remember that eternity is just a blink away. Any kingdom I attempt to establish is going to pass away. But God’s Kingdom is for eternity. There are endless blessings, literally endless, for those of us who will lay aside our own authority, and bow at the feet of the God who loves us enough to give us a choice.

One day, that choice will no longer be offered. The Bible tells us that one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. There can be great fear and even resentment in that passage, or great rejoicing.

The effect it has on you is determined by who you choose to wear the crown in your life. I pray that during these next few weeks we will all take the time to look deeply at our lives, and that God will bless our efforts at becoming the people He desires us to be.

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