• Can You Do This?

    (Photo by Dorling Kindersley/Getty images) We all remember the Middle School science classes that taught us the difference between dominant and recessive genes.  There were all these cool “do you/can you” questions, the Punnett squares  that showed us reasons why some of us have straight hair, some have curly, and, later in life, some have none at […]

  • We Make A Great Team!

    Advent begins this Sunday, and I’m already experiencing that familiar mix of excitement and fear as so many people will be opening the devotional book I’ve written this year. This year, I’ve asked some very special people to contribute their voices to the book, and I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to […]

  • Unexpected

    Monday night, I got a call that a dear member of our family had passed away suddenly. I don’t know that I have yet wrapped my mind around it, and don’t know that I will ever stop missing him.   David is not what we call in the South my “blood relative.”  He was married to my […]

  • 185,000 Assyrians and A King

    It woke me up Monday morning at least a couple of hours before my first alarm. I laid there, heart pounding, hands clenched, and realized that I had been thinking about this situation while I slept. Nothing more (though nothing less) than a problem at work kept pounding my thoughts of rest away. I sat […]

  • Glory: Rescued, Redeemed, Transformed

    Nothing has seemed quite right this year. Is that an understatement? But there are many things that have not changed. God is in control. Jesus Christ is Lord. We are loved by the Creator of the universe, the all Sovereign God. Advent this year will be a time of remembering that there is a greater […]

  • While the earth remains

    September 7. It’s become the day that I get serious about counting my blessings.  It’s also the day that I have begun to recognize that some things that have always mattered, don’t really matter in light of eternity. Today, like most September 7’s, there is a feeling that Fall is on its way- that the earth […]

  • May I Have the Envelope Please….

    Congratulations to Laura Nichols!!  Laura will receive the set of Yaara Pure Honey moisturizer and eye cream.  This stuff is great!  It’s produced at the Negohot Bee Farm in Judea, Israel. If you’re interested in purchasing this to try for yourself, it’s available at this link. Again, I am not a representative of either of […]

  • A Giveaway, Honey!

    A few months ago, I ran out of moisturizer.  This was about the time that shelves in stores were going bare of random items. Like Le Seuer peas… why peas, for goodness sake?  Happily after a few very dry days, I found my moisturizer at the drug store and was set. But even after those […]

  • Guard Your Heart

    This past month, I have found that it’s time for me to turn down the volume on all the social media voices in my head. The thing is- my heart just can’t take the negativity, anger, and hate any longer. I have found myself becoming more of the things that I don’t like about myself- […]

  • Just Relax!

    Man, what a week this has been. My work email inbox is a war zone. My chores far exceed the time and energy to do them. I feel overwhelmed, and would love to just run away somewhere I can relax. Can you relate? Maybe you can relate to one of these things that my head […]