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This Sunday is our last lesson in our series of studies on who God wants to be in our lives.  This week’s truth is that God is our provider.  Throughout my career, this is a truth that I have held on to- one that God has used to teach me to trust Him on deeper and deeper levels that I would never have learned without the struggles that I have faced, and do face, along the course of my days.

I have learned to turn my need into an opportunity for sweet fellowship, steeped in thanksgiving, with God.  This is not to say I always hit a home-run with this! I often fret and worry when I can’t see the immediate answer to my needs.  My stomach still flutters a little when the mail comes and I know there is something in there requiring payment.  But the thing is, in my heart of hearts, I KNOW that my God will provide.

Randy Alcorn has written a great little devotional called Seeing the Unseen, and one of his writings is on this very topic- seeing God as our source.  In it, he directs readers to a great article on his own blog, Eternal Perspectives, that I highly recommend.  The title  is “Longing for God and Joy.” Just click on the title and the link should take you there.

Learning to trust God on earth, in this life, and learning to seek Him, is an eternal lesson. True trust, not resignation, not weariness, but what a friend once called firmly latching onto all that God wants to be in our lives- this is also a lifelong lesson.  We can easily become cynical, bitter, and fearful in the light of lingering needs and unanswered prayer. It is perhaps our human nature to become so.  However, God has a higher calling for His people, and wants our lives to emit a sweet fragrance no matter our circumstances.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday (and my Daniel Plan mates tonight and tomorrow)!


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  • Russ Pierce 6 years ago Reply

    Thganks for your encouragement Chrissie. I know all of the Blue Team has had a great time this month and the material had been extreamly timely and benificial to us all. What a great opportunity to share with fellow work mates, neighbors or even Facebook addicts. From the impact I have seen in my class tells me many others have experienced it as well.

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Russ, Thanks for all your hard work this month! You have served your team well.

  • Barbara Kirby 6 years ago Reply

    Good afternoon Chrissie, Thanks for all you do to provide us the tools to learn more about our Savior. I enjoyed “Longing for God and Joy” and agree with the thought of how can one be an atheist after seeing all these spring blooms still showing their beauty under such gorgeous BLUE skies after such a cold freezing night. Thank Him for the beauty of the season. Barbara Kirby (BLUE Team)

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Barbara, I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. Evidence of God’s goodness really is all around us. Thanks for that reminder.

  • Lynn Green 6 years ago Reply

    Thank you for your encouragement, Chrissie. This word was very timely for me today. But isn’t that just like our God. God Bless, Lynn (team blue)

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Lynn, You are so right about God’s timing. He knows just what we need right when we need us. How gracious He is to us.

  • Meagon T 6 years ago Reply

    I just want to mention that we have enjoyed the March Madness and being a part of the Blue Team. The spirit of the Lord really shines through! I also want to say publicly….we are so thankful for Pam & Michael Jenkins! What awesome leaders we have for our young marriages and young families! Thank you.

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Meagon- I totally agree! We are all blessed by the work that Mike & Pam do each week. They are such a great example of what God does when we fully surrender to Him.

  • Tamara Petersdorff 6 years ago Reply

    Blue team. I really enjoy the fellowship we have.

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Tammy- I’m so glad to have your family as part of our church!

  • jennifer acker 6 years ago Reply

    Hey Miss Chrissie. I am from the blue team. Can’t wait for Sunday to get here:)

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Me either, Jennifer! I’m looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us.

  • lpurcell2014 6 years ago Reply

    I could have really used the quote ” Thou hast made us for Thyself O God, and the heart of man is restless until it finds its rest in Thee…” last Sunday as I said practically the same thing-I will use it this Sunday in follow up as we close out this series–thanks for all you have done and I am glad to get “acquainted” with your Blog! Thanks to all who have participated in this great opportunity for encouragement! I know the BLUE team will do well this Sunday but more importantly that we will all be demonstrating our love to our Lord and our fellow “this world travelers” by encouraging for more Bible Study and Christian fellowship!

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Thanks for all that you do and all the wisdom that you bring to your class. You touch so many lives in so many ways. Thank you!

  • Kellie Carter 6 years ago Reply

    We have really enjoyed being a part of the Blue Team in this March Madness and seeing the sanctuary fuller than it has been in a while. I just hope it continues. It was also an awesome sight to see and be a part of a family being baptized on Sunday morning.

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Totally agree, Kellie!

  • Pam Jenkins 6 years ago Reply

    Chrissie, I love the quote about firmly latching onto all that God wants to be in our lives! If we all did this…..Wow!! Thank you for all you do for us! Go BLUE!!

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Pam, A very wise friend said that to me once, and it has been a truth I go back to so many times, especially when I feel like I’m just going through the motions. He wants so much more for us than we could ever ask or think.

  • Mike Jenkins 6 years ago Reply

    Go BLUE!!!

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Great team spirit, Mike! Thanks for all you do- you & Pam are really reaching hearts every week in your class and I am so grateful for you & your ministry.

  • Edith Wagner 6 years ago Reply

    Thank you for all you do. I love my Sunday School Class and the “Blue” team !!!

  • Jon Nichols 6 years ago Reply

    Chrissy, I am extremely pleased with these lesson. They could be used by being given to an unbeliever and make sense. They have been very useful in real life today use. I think our staff needs to continue to write our own SS lessons.

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Cap’n Jon, I am so glad that you have found the lessons this month to be helpful. I’ll be glad to write your lessons anytime!

  • Tracey Schmidt (Go Blue!) 6 years ago Reply

    Chrissie your words are very timely and encouraging. Thank You for all you do! God Bless.

  • Jim Rosseau 6 years ago Reply

    Thanks for all the work you have put into these March Madness lessons. I thought the topics were very relevant. I was impressed on the material you put together. You had some good teacher aids.

    This week’s lesson on God being our provider is important for all of us to keep in mind every day. Our Stand Firm lesson recently suggested that God often puts obstacles in our paths so we will learn to trust Him more. I don’t understand much of the time, but my job is to trust God, not understand Him.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Jim, I’m so glad that you have found the lessons helpful this month. And you are so right…understanding is overrated when it comes to the things of God- we can’t ever let not understanding keep us from trusting.

  • Robyn Hughes 6 years ago Reply

    I love the “latched on” part of your blog. We have to stay latched on to Him for the journey He has planned for us. It reminds me to focus on the calling He has for my life and trust Him everyday. Thank you so much for the lessons you have done this month. I know it has added to your already packed schedule, but they have all been wonderful. My class has loved them. March Madness adds so much excitement and fun and sorry it is almost over. GO RED!!!

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Robyn & Martha, I have been thinking about that “latched on” thing all day. It sometimes takes a conscious effort. But even in those times we are weak and can’t hold on to Him, we have the assurance that He is holding on to us. What a great God we serve!

  • Martha Wadsworth 6 years ago Reply

    I like the words ‘latched on’. I have been latched on since I was twelve years old. So thankful God’s love toward us is the same yesterday, today and forever and so shall my love be for Him. Chrissie, thank you for being there for all of the Sunday school classes.

  • Martha Wadsworth 6 years ago Reply

    Please to my prior comment. Go Blue

  • Cindi Taylor 6 years ago Reply

    Thank you for these encouraging words! Thank you for all you do for us! Go Blue!

  • Shirley Stricklen 6 years ago Reply

    This has been a great month of fun and fellowship as we studied the names of God–great lessons. Thanks, Chrissie! GO BLUE!!!!

  • Dell Taylor 6 years ago Reply

    First but not foremost. Go Big Blue! As a member of the continually learning group, I find it difficult at best to be able to say that I am always confident that God is visible. To rephrase a popular phrase. It is actually that God is in the details. We often want the big picture but often it is the minute details in life and in creation where God really becomes evident. We are quick to say, That was so big only God could have done that. While that is true we overlook those things that are so small that ONLY GOD could have done that!
    Thank you so much Chrissie for your service.

    lpurcell2014 6 years ago Reply

    I really like that TRUE thought that I don’t have very often–that it IS in the tiny things we over look that we can often realized it WAS God and ONLY God who could have thought of or done that! THANKS….

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Those are great words of wisdom, Dell. You are so right- our God is the God of the great things and the small things- we can see His hand everywhere when we make it our occupation to seek Him. Thank you!

  • Jackie 6 years ago Reply

    Chrissie, you are a true inspiration to me. Thank you for all you do. Go Blue!

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Love you, Jackie! SO thankful for you.

  • Debra Ganas 6 years ago Reply

    Chrissie, thank you for your wise, wonderful words. You are blessing to me.
    On behalf of the the children’s dept, GO RED TEAM! Can I get a 1000 points for each child on the Red team?

    Debra Ganas

    Chrissie Tomlinson 6 years ago Reply

    Debra, You know, I was thinking about how our preschoolers’ & children’s parents need to be commenting for their kids. But apparently, all the parents are on the blue team!

  • George Starr 6 years ago Reply

    Chrissie, I’m so impressed with the wisdom regarding our proper relationship with God contained in this collection of comments. It’s only when you rely on his love for you that you can experience the “peace that passeth all understanding” regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself.’



  • Victor 6 years ago Reply

    Love your words of wisdom. Go RED TEAM

  • Melissa Camp 6 years ago Reply

    Hi Chrissie, It is a pleasure to read your blog and to have access to the wonderful information and news. I have greatly enjoyed the special series of lessons and appreciate you for the materials you have made available to us for studying and learning more about God’s will for our lives. Thanks! Melissa Camp, RED TEAM

  • Kristie Sokinas 6 years ago Reply

    I’ve enjoyed our lessons during March Madness, as well as the friendly competition between the BLUE team and the other team. I hope our Sunday School has grown due to the extra effort people have put into this time of study and emphasis. Blessings for you, Chrissie! Go blue!

  • Richie Sokinas 6 years ago Reply

    Here’s one for the blue team. Thanks!

  • Ruthie Mercer 6 years ago Reply

    I have so hated missing the last couple of Sundays. Latched on makes me think of Isaiah 41:13 For I, the Lord your God,, will hold your right hand, Saying to you, “Fear not, I will help you.” We may let go of his hand but he never lets go of us. Chrissie thank you for everything you do.

  • Richard Sokinas 6 years ago Reply

    It’s been fun as well as interesting to participate in March Madness. Thank you to all who have planned and worked hard to promote our individual and church growth. I’m on the Blue Team.

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