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  • 185,000 Assyrians and A King

    It woke me up Monday morning at least a couple of hours before my first alarm. I laid there, heart pounding, hands clenched, and realized that I had been thinking about this situation while I slept. Nothing more (though nothing less) than a problem at work kept pounding my thoughts of rest away. I sat […]

  • The King Is Coming

    Palm Sunday is one of those church days that many people are not really sure about. It’s typically observed with children marching through the sanctuary (or other type of place of worship) waving palm fronds that children’s leaders have probably searched out high and low the day before. The Triumphal Entry- A Foretaste of His […]

  • Four Thoughts for Holy Week

    Holy Week is an opportunity for us to take the time to clear away the clutter and busy of our lives to focus on those things that are of eternal importance. So often our thoughts and hearts get distracted by things that don’t feed our souls. This week, I am making the time to meditate […]

  • What if…?

    What if none of this is about me, but instead, it’s all about Him? What if church was never meant to be a support group for married people, for single people, for widowed people, for mothers, for fathers, for the childless, for children, for young adults, for old adults?

  • Mystery

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Christmas music the past few months. Yep, I know it’s early- and I know that some people would say it’s a borderline travesty to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Don’t care! What have you been listening to…? Political debates?! I ran across this song, and it has […]

  • Trihagion: Say that 3 times fast!

    I will admit, the first time I encountered the term trihagion in Bible college I thought it was a reference to one of Paul’s sports analogies. He’s always using those!  But as I continued to read I discovered that this term refers to something much more powerful than running, jumping or hitting something.

  • The Sweet Fragrance of a Bruised Heart

    Inside this box is my favorite perfume. I like it because it has a soft and simple fragrance. It doesn’t smell trendy, it doesn’t smell like it came from a department store. It’s nostalgic and uncomplicated. With the recent popularity of aromatherapy and essential oils, we know that fragrances have the ability to restore, soothe […]

  • Be Still…He’s Still…

    Sometimes life is hard. It seems that we go through times when we experience one difficulty or tragedy after another, with barely a space to take a breath. Sometimes it’s easy to ask, like Habakkuk, O Lord, how long shall I cry for help, and you will not hear? Or cry to you, “Violence!” and […]

  • Never Waste A Sunrise

    One morning on my way to work, I was stunned by a beautiful sunrise. The Eastern sky was painted with the most glorious colors- beyond description really. When I turned onto one stretch of the highway, the view was almost surreal- the sky all in pinks, corals, golds, and lavender, the shadows of trees against that […]

  • Who Am I? Who Is He?

    This week our Sunday School classes at church will begin studying a series of lessons designed to help us to know God more.  When we were discussing potential topics of the lessons for our March Madness attendance campaign, we really wanted to create a series that would help everyone really connect what they are facing […]