Category: Wisdom

  • Fifty-three

    Guess what! Today begins the year I have been waiting for since childhood. Today is my fifty-third birthday!! Why, you ask, is that such a significant milestone? Because, today I am finally the same age as The Grinch! Okay, so in the spirit of being perfectly transparent, I didn’t actually take note of Mr. Grinch’s […]

  • A Life Well-Lived

    In the months approaching this half-century mark of my life, it has come to my attention with increasing frequency that we do not get any do-overs when it comes to the time that we are given to spend this side of eternity.  And, I will admit, I waste a lot of it.  I don’t like […]

  • I Messed Up

    I am an excellent painter. In fact, I’m such an excellent painter, that often I not only paint the walls, but in the process I also paint my clothes and shoes, the floors, the ladders, and the furniture. And my hair. A few years ago, I was painting one of the bedrooms, and sure enough, […]

  • Truth or Dare

    In my last blog, I shared with you about an autoimmune disease that I have battled for a little over twenty years, and how I struggle to keep a Christ-centered perspective. One of the things that I have been very thankful for is that the Lord has brought medical professionals across my path to help […]

  • We Are Social Media

    For the past several days, I ‘ve been reading and watching the posts on social media about the terrible, heart-wrenching things that have been happening in our world. I’ve seen the red, white and blue photos, I’ve seen the “we’re not going to stand for this” posts, the frightening articles about how our destruction as […]

  • It’s Time to Toss Those Big Girl Panties

    I’ve said it, and had it said to me. I’ve seen it embroidered on pillows, screen-printed on t-shirts, and painted on wine glasses: ”Just put on your big girl panties and deal with it.” And we know exactly what those “big girl panties” (BGP’s) are all about, don’t we. It’s about dealing with the issues […]

  • To the Grave

    My blog this week is rather substantial and is on the topic of the Jonestown Massacre that occurred in 1978. Though I have vivid memories of the event as a young adolescent, this is the first time I’ve revisited it as an adult, and boy, did it open my eyes. Feel free to comment with your thoughts and with your memories.

  • Total Loss

    Total loss…boy, did those words hit me hard today when I got the paperwork and the settlement for my car. There is something that is so final in those two words, something that is so hopeless. After all I’ve been through these past twenty days, all the pain, the helplessness, the sleepless nights when I […]

  • What I Can Live Without

    Every now and then I take an inventory of the things that pile up in my apartment. My suite of rooms is pretty tiny, so there isn’t a lot of space for much. Living out here on the back of the “Big House” has been an exercise in letting go. It’s amazing the stuff that […]

  • I Forgot to Feed the Cat

    Every morning like clockwork- wake up, get up, feed the cat. Once the bowl is filled, I can carry on with my day however I wish. But the bowl must be filled. This evening, when I walked in the door Fiona Fred met me at the door with such a hurt, pitiful expression on his […]