Category: Holy Week 2021

  • Glorious

    It’s Easter morning and I awoke with the assurance that He is risen- He is risen, indeed! My redemption has been secured, and death has been defeated for all eternity.   My life’s hope is firmly established in the truth of Jesus’ resurrection. It amazes me every time I think of it. Not the resurrection- no, […]

  • Just Wait and See

    Saturday, the Sabbath, the day after Calvary. They rested according to the commandment. Jesus had been crucified. His body was in a borrowed tomb, placed there with love and tenderness by a man who had begged Pilate for the honor of tending the body. I can picture this man, Joseph of Arimathea, taking the limp, […]

  • Enough

    How could it be enough? The broken body and blood poured out- from just One Man? Enough for my lifetime of sins? Enough for yours? Enough for all mankind for all of time? All of the evils we’ve seen in this world?  How Could It Be Enough? But then I remember the little boy’s lunch- How Jesus blessed the bread, then broke […]

  • Saying Grace

    He was in the Upper Room with those whom He would love to the end.  Feet had been washed, an act of selfless love, an example of how His disciples should love one another. It is still a great commandment. The Passover meal had been prepared. They reclined at the table together, His betrayer beside Him, […]

  • What Lazarus Knew

    After teaching first in the Temple and then at the Mount of Olives, some believe that perhaps Jesus spent Wednesday back in Bethany with His friends Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Traditionally, we remember Mary’s anointing of Jesus on this day.  Jesus loved His friends in Bethany. He loved Mary, and Martha, and Lazarus. But today, […]

  • No Turning Back

    There He was-  God Incarnate- in His Temple.  He was where the people were- this crowded place, where worship was meant to happen- teaching them words of eternal life, healing them, loving them. Knowing He was just  Three days away from Calvary His enemies- the religious leaders who wanted to kill him- tried desperately to trap […]

  • Cleansed

    Long ago, in the days of Jeremiah, He had warned them. They were believing a deception. These gods His people were worshipping with their lewd, vulgar practices- they didn’t truly exist. These gods were created in man’s imagination, by man’s hands.  His people worshipped strange gods all week, then attended His Temple to pay their […]

  • Triumphant

    Palm Sunday is the first day of Holy Week- the week that we pause and reflect on Jesus’ last days before Calvary, the tomb, and the Resurrection. On Palm Sunday, we remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, publicly proclaiming for the first time His identity as Messiah. We remember the people waving palm […]