Category: Grace

  • The Longest Night

    It feels like night.  Not the part of night where candles are lit in festivity or celebration. Where friends and family are enjoying some gathering. It feels like the part where candles are lit in a desperate and breathless attempt to drive the pitch-black darkness away into the deeper shadows.  The part where you are all alone […]

  • Another September 7

    Today I noticed a few brown leaves on the driveway. I’m pretty sure they died of heat exhaustion, but still, I like to think that maybe Fall is on its way.  I’m trying to notice the acorns that are falling off the oaks around the yard, trying to notice how long it takes the squirrels […]

  • The Difference

    I got a new job! Monday I will leave the office I’ve worked in for the past 19 months and move to a new area. I’m very excited! One of the traditions we have where I work is that whenever someone leaves an area, there is a going-away luncheon. Special tokens signifying the area you […]

  • The Best Kind

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote to you about all the ways that we hurt, and all the ways that we can help others heal. I mentioned to you about how this truth had been driven home to me through my experience at a local chiropractor’s office. Each person in this office has blessed […]

  • All the Ways We Hurt

    We have all known pain. Whether physical, emotional, or spiritual- pain is not a respecter of persons; it does not play favorites. There are all sorts of studies on pain and how we experience it, why we hurt, who (and why) has a higher tolerance for pain, and the various methods that people use to […]

  • Quiz: How Kind Are You?

    For awhile now, I’ve been pondering the principle of Kindness. I’m not really sure what prompted my thoughts to meander down that path, but I think it’s due partly to how distant I see people getting. It’s like we were all living in this world together and mostly getting along, agreeing that there are things that […]

  • A funny thing happened on the way home from the solar eclipse….

    A friend of mine and I made the trek to North Georgia to see the total solar eclipse. It was amazing. Sitting in a field of sunshine, surrounded by the green lush mountains of North Georgia, listening to a musician and visiting with friends- though we had some clouds covering up the Big Event, we […]

  • A Thousand Tiny Threads

    I am not a morning person. Let me take a moment and define what I mean by that. Being a successful introvert most of my life, it takes a great degree of awakeness for me to be ready to greet the world every morning. This level of awakeness usually occurs around lunch. If I appear […]

  • Second Breakfast

    For several years, my Daddy and I had summers off together. He was living the dream of his last career as a paraprofessional at Perry Middle School, and I was working in various positions in the Christian School ministry field.  Every morning, he would get up early with Mama. They would have coffee, read the […]

  • When Someone Believes in You

    Today was an exciting day for me- my first book signing. All morning I was full of nervous apprehension, with my old friend “insecurity” following me around as I got ready to go. I have never had much self-confidence, and have always been very timid and shy. If you know me, you may not believe that, […]