Category: Goals/Life Changes

  • Fifty-three

    Guess what! Today begins the year I have been waiting for since childhood. Today is my fifty-third birthday!! Why, you ask, is that such a significant milestone? Because, today I am finally the same age as The Grinch! Okay, so in the spirit of being perfectly transparent, I didn’t actually take note of Mr. Grinch’s […]

  • Another September 7

    Today I noticed a few brown leaves on the driveway. I’m pretty sure they died of heat exhaustion, but still, I like to think that maybe Fall is on its way.  I’m trying to notice the acorns that are falling off the oaks around the yard, trying to notice how long it takes the squirrels […]

  • Got A Minute?

    I am a pretty avid procrastinator. It’s an issue. There are goals I keep failing to reach, projects I keep failing to complete. On the other hand, I am on my second binging of all nine seasons of The Office for 2018. So yeah, I do have it in me to finish something. Anyway, I […]

  • Happy Cows

    In 2009, a study was published proving that cows that are called by name produce around 500 more pints of milk per year than nameless cows. (For my “Bovine Trivia” loving readers, a cow will typically produce around 13,000 pints of milk annually.)  Over 500 dairy farms across the United Kingdom participated in the study, […]

  • A Life Well-Lived

    In the months approaching this half-century mark of my life, it has come to my attention with increasing frequency that we do not get any do-overs when it comes to the time that we are given to spend this side of eternity.  And, I will admit, I waste a lot of it.  I don’t like […]

  • Lonely Roads

    Recently, life has seemed to consist of one really long, lonely road and I don’t like this turn of events at all.

  • When Someone Believes in You

    Today was an exciting day for me- my first book signing. All morning I was full of nervous apprehension, with my old friend “insecurity” following me around as I got ready to go. I have never had much self-confidence, and have always been very timid and shy. If you know me, you may not believe that, […]

  • Truth or Dare

    In my last blog, I shared with you about an autoimmune disease that I have battled for a little over twenty years, and how I struggle to keep a Christ-centered perspective. One of the things that I have been very thankful for is that the Lord has brought medical professionals across my path to help […]

  • Redefining “Re-Gifting”

    Every year that I taught a Phillips child at CBA in Shreveport, I got a wonderful jar of homemade mayhaw jelly! Oh, man, that was good stuff. I have never had a better tasting jelly. In Alabama, the Viravongs gave me crabmeat every year for my Christmas gumbo. What a lavish gift that was! Throughout […]

  • It’s Time to Toss Those Big Girl Panties

    I’ve said it, and had it said to me. I’ve seen it embroidered on pillows, screen-printed on t-shirts, and painted on wine glasses: ”Just put on your big girl panties and deal with it.” And we know exactly what those “big girl panties” (BGP’s) are all about, don’t we. It’s about dealing with the issues […]