Not Fit to Eat

Ever had one of those items that’s so far back on your to-do list that it’s more like an item on your wish list? This book was like that for me. I have wanted to put this book together for over ten years, but never quite knew how to begin. Finally, I’m happy to announce you can order a copy here.

My grandmother, Mama Dodds, passed away in 1983, and one of the things I inherited from her was her recipe book. This consisted of the familiar red and white Better Homes and Gardens cookbook binder, stuffed with recipes torn from newspapers and magazines, written on church bulletins and greeting cards.

It’s a story that’s familiar to all of us. Family life revolves around the kitchen, and we all have that cookbook binder. We all have that Mama Dodds person in our families whose homes are the hubs of family celebrations, Thanksgivings, Christmases, and everything in-between.

The more I talked to other people about my family recipe book idea, the more I realized the truth of this- that many of our family memories start in the kitchen and around the table. Recalling these dishes evokes a sense of belonging and nostalgia, and reminds us of what is truly important in life.

Sometimes it saddens me to see how fragmented family life is in this modern world. As one generation passes on and new generations grow, new traditions and stories will overshadow the old ones. This is how life goes on- but we must never forget the lessons that came from those old stories, and the sacrifices made by the ones who are now just a memory.

We are who we are because of them.

My little recipe book can’t begin to record all the funny stories, or the sad ones, that have been told through the years. But I hope that it will be a reminder that we have a shared history, and that, perhaps in the remembering of that shared history, the future generations will find a new appreciation for life around the table.

So, I wrote the book- recipes as they were presented to me, photos, a few stories. I hope you will enjoy reading it and trying out some of our recipes.

And maybe you will find your own family within the pages.


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