How could it be enough? 
The broken body and blood poured out- from just One Man? 
Enough for my lifetime of sins? Enough for yours? 
Enough for all mankind for all of time? All of the evils we’ve seen in this world? 

How Could It Be Enough?

But then I remember the little boy’s lunch- How Jesus blessed the bread, then broke it.  Thousands were fed, and leftovers were collected. 
Grace upon Grace. 

If millions had been in that multitude, millions would have been fed by that one boy’s lunch, and leftovers collected. Yes, it was enough. It was more than enough. It would always be more than enough. 

Grace upon Grace 

Today, thinking of the unspeakable pain, the horror, the humiliation, the torture, the suffocating weight of the sins of all mankind for all of time. The crushing grief of that moment He was forsaken by His Father.

It was that one moment my debt was paid in full. Atonement was accomplished. Redemption was secured not with the thrust of a soldier’s spear, but with the turning away of the face of God 

From His only begotten Son as He died on a cross. 

The sinless body broken. The holy blood poured out. Grace enough for me, enough for you, enough for all who will receive it. 

Yes, His precious broken body, His blood poured out was enough. 

It will always be much more than enough.  

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