Saying Grace

He was in the Upper Room with those whom He would love to the end. 

Feet had been washed, an act of selfless love, an example of how His disciples should love one another. It is still a great commandment.

The Passover meal had been prepared. They reclined at the table together, His betrayer beside Him, sharing the bowl with Him, here at their last meal together.

And so He took some bread- He said grace, thanking God- then broke the bread and passed it.

“Take it, eat it. This bread is My body which is broken for you.”

And then He took some wine- He said grace, thanking God- and gave it to His disciples.

“Take it, drink it. This is My blood, the new Covenant, poured out for many.”

And so He once again taught His disciples of what was to come for Him- the broken body, the poured out blood.  Broken for us. Poured out for us. Because nothing less would accomplish the redemption of mankind.

Yet, He said grace for that broken bread, for that poured out cup.  He gave thanks to God.

What a dear Savior, a loving merciful God, Who, when facing the unspeakable horrors of Calvary- just over the next sunrise- would raise the bread and the cup to Heaven- and give thanks.

The Lord’s Table- that bread and that wine- is a symbol of great grace. It is His grace that saves us, His grace that saw our utter inability to reach Him, and came down to reach us- even though it meant the ultimate sacrifice.

How do we love Him in light of Maundy Thursday?

I will love Him with my thanksgiving. I will thank Him for the blessings and for the difficulties. I will thank Him for my wealth and for my poverty. I will thank Him for my health and for my pain.  

I will fill my heart with praise and thanksgiving for Who my God is, and for how He loves me. I will cling to Him in humble gratitude for this great grace that saves me. 

Today as you remember the bread and the wine, as you remember Him- don’t forget to offer your sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving.

Don’t forget to say grace.

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