No Turning Back

There He was-  God Incarnate- in His Temple. 

He was where the people were- this crowded place, where worship was meant to happen- teaching them words of eternal life, healing them, loving them. Knowing He was just 

Three days away from Calvary

His enemies- the religious leaders who wanted to kill him- tried desperately to trap Him. But each question they posed to trick Him, He answered: 

Taxes? Give Caesar that which bears His likeness, give God that which bears His image…

Re-marriage? God is I Am; He’s God of the living not the dead…

The Law?  Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, soul, mind, strength…

In His answers, He showed them that every single issue they raised with Him was answered in the person of God Himself. They were amazed. Astonished. And afraid.

Perhaps it was becoming clear to them that none of this was about politics or the hot issues of the day- it was all about God. They had been greatly mistaken.

And His soul was troubled.

On this Holy Tuesday, there in His Temple, the evidence of the people’s need for His perfect sacrifice was great. 

Despite all of His words, all of the signs- there was still unbelief. And, there was secret belief in the hearts of those who did believe, but feared the Pharisees. 

For they loved the approval of men rather than the approval of God. 

And yet He continued to teach them words of eternal life. 

He continued to press toward Calvary. There was no turning back.

How I love Him

In light of Holy Tuesday, we express our love for our Savior by committing ourselves to Him anew today. By slowing down our choices so that we can develop the habit of following Him, of hearing His voice over all the others, of seeing this world through the filter of His eyes. 

I want to be like the disciples who said, “Where else would we go besides to You?” So completely in love with Jesus that I see no other options.

I’m not turning back, either. What about you?

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