Long ago, in the days of Jeremiah, He had warned them.

They were believing a deception. These gods His people were worshipping with their lewd, vulgar practices- they didn’t truly exist. These gods were created in man’s imagination, by man’s hands. 

His people worshipped strange gods all week, then attended His Temple to pay their offerings, their sacrifices, to Him. 

The Temple- the symbol of His presence, turned into a den of robbers. They no longer knew the holiness of this place.

Centuries before, He had told them through His prophets.  Now, He was telling them face-to-face.

Turning over the tables, blocking the way of those who were dirtying His Temple with their greed and making a commercial enterprise of the feast that celebrated their deliverance from bondage.

He keeps trying to set them free, but they keep choosing their chains.

Staying bound in rituals that He detests when they come from hearts that are far from Him. Choosing filth over His purity. 

The blood of goats and lambs was not enough.

Still they kept going through the motions, trying to please a God they didn’t love. They didn’t understand what He truly wanted. 

A house of prayer for all peoples- those who preserve justice and do righteousness. 

Who love His name, who choose what pleases Him. 

Who refuse to profane the Sabbath. 

And here He was. Four days away from pouring out His own perfect blood for all of them. For all of us.

Out of His love for us. To draw us to Him, to break our chains. For all of eternity.

If we will be drawn. If we will stop choosing the chains. If we will let Him cleanse us.

It’s very simple: Our surrender to Him is our expression of love for Him.  

Surrender to Him today. Let Him have your heart. Accept His cleansing blood. Dwell in His holy presence. 

That’s how we love Him.

2 responses to “Cleansed”

  1. I think many people in our world today worship those same vulgar, lewd gods. They don’t have statues or altars, but they worship them just the same.


    • I completely agree. As I was studying the history of the passages Jesus used when He cleansed the Temple, I found so many parallels to our current culture. I pray daily for our nation and our world to find the power in His saving work on Calvary.


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