Glory: Rescued, Redeemed, Transformed

Nothing has seemed quite right this year. Is that an understatement?

But there are many things that have not changed. God is in control. Jesus Christ is Lord. We are loved by the Creator of the universe, the all Sovereign God.

Advent this year will be a time of remembering that there is a greater future, an eternal Kingdom that we are longing for and preparing for.

The Advent book I’ve written, with the help of several friends, is meant to draw us deeper into a remembrance of what it means to belong to the Lord, what it means to be meant for Glory, what it means to be in need of rescue, redemption, and transformation. It is meant to remind us of the work that He has done and continues to do to draw us closer to Himself.

I always want my work to encourage and inspire and uplift. This year, even more so do I want this.

Our hearts are tired. Our spirits are weary. Our smiles are cracked.

We need reminding of the Glory that is to come- not in any earthly kingdom, but in that eternal Kingdom of righteousness and holiness.

“Shout and cheer, daughter Zion!… Your King is coming. A good King, Who makes all things right.” Zechariah 9:9

The book is available for purchase for $8 on Amazon. You can also contact me directly via email at to purchase for $5. Proceeds go to Widows’ Voices, a ministry of Grasp International, and Purchased: Not for Sale, a ministry of The Hub Ministries in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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