A Giveaway, Honey!

A few months ago, I ran out of moisturizer.  This was about the time that shelves in stores were going bare of random items. Like Le Seuer peas… why peas, for goodness sake?  Happily after a few very dry days, I found my moisturizer at the drug store and was set.

But even after those few days, I noticed wrinkles. And I was kind of mad. I don’t really consider myself a vain person at all. Most days I opt out of the lipstick and jewelry routine. I usually have other things on my mind.

I was mad because this moisturizer was a brand I have been using since I was first introduced to the agony of acne in middle school.  After all these decades, how could my friend let me down?

Enter my friends from Israel.  This face cream and eye cream duo came in a subscription box that I get every month that supports small businesses in Israel.  It is my new best friend!

This is a very light moisturizer and eye cream. It’s made entirely of things that you can pronounce- things that are good for your skin.  It’s derived from honey, shea butter, and various oils, along with essential oils that have anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

An interesting thing about the honey in these creams is that honey has anti-bacterial effects, so when you use it in the evening, it’s an extra cleansing step, helping your skin get rid of toxins that have built up over the course of the day.

Since I love this, I have already bought refills. And I went ahead and picked up a set for you, too!

To enter the give-away, please click the Follow button that will allow you to Follow my blog. Then leave your name and email address and/or phone number, along with a message that you’ve followed my blog.  This information will not be public- I am the only one who will see it.  And that’s it!  I will be drawing on Monday, August 3, so you have through the weekend to enter.

Not so fine print:  I am not an official spokesperson for this product. The company who produces this stuff does not have any idea that a random old lady in Georgia is giving away their cream.  If you’re interested in purchasing this, I will be glad to provide you the link to where I order it.  Every single thing that you put on your body is your responsibility- not mine. I’m not a medical doctor.  This works great for me, and I’ve had zero adverse reactions. But if you have any allergies to the stuff in the cream, or any other problems, don’t use it. Common sense is our friend!

2 responses to “A Giveaway, Honey!”

  1. I already follow your blog as I enjoy reading what you write. I would like the link to the face cream. And by the way, you ain’t an old lady, cause if you are, then I am, and I ain’t!!!!


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