Resurrection Eve

This Saturday we anticipate the arrival of Easter. The glory of the resurrection is celebrated by believers every single day- and especially on Easter.

But today is Saturday. The crucifixion is over. The body of our Lord is in a borrowed tomb. What do we do with Saturday?

Saturday is the day that our faith is exercised. Jesus’ friends and family were likely in that shock that comes when you lose someone that you love. But this Someone was different. He had promised that He would return.

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

What exactly did that mean? They had seen Him raise the dead. Lazarus, the little girl. If He really raised Himself, they would know for certain He was Who He claimed.

But on that Saturday they wondered, would He come back as He promised? How could they really know? Their spirits had felt His truth. But now, as they waited, was there doubt?

Today, current year, our faith is also being exercised. He has promised to return to us. Sometimes, I will admit, the waiting wears my faith thin.

Because I live, you will live also.

I want to see Him. My own spirit longs for that final resurrection.

I believe He is coming back. I pray that it’s soon.

What do we do on these seemingly endless Resurrection Eves? We love Him. We love each other. We serve. We build the Kingdom. We keep our lamps filled with oil.

We wait and we trust.

And remember- He is waiting, too.

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