Christmas Morning Prayer

Lord, You have come- this is what we celebrate today.  A perfect Savior, a merciful Lord, a loving Father- choosing to become like us, choosing to live in the same flesh, the same fallen Creation as His beloved.

For He will save His people from their sins- was the message the angel spoke to Joseph. It is the message of great hope for us today.

You have done it. You have saved us through Your perfect sacrifice. When we didn’t even know we needed saving.

When we were satisfied with the crude and shallow kindnesses of humanity because we never knew the difference between what our flesh could do and the holiness, the purity, of all that Heaven sent us when You came.

When we cried out to some unknown, some unseen, for mercy from the things that overwhelmed us because, though we knew we needed mercy, we didn’t know where it would come from. But then You came.

When we thought we knew what love was, when we pursued the happy picture of it, the only picture we knew, and still felt hollow and empty and unfulfilled and alone because we could never know what was missing- until You came.

When we pursued riches and honor and privilege and never felt satisfaction or contentment- You came, all the Glory of Heaven laid in a manger.

Forgive us for the frivolity that overtakes the sacred in our celebration. Forgive us for flippantly chiming that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” and for forgetting that we are Your reason.

Oh, yes, Your great love for us. A love that saw the depth of our need for saving and chose to step out of Glory and into the dirt. To live a sinless life in the flesh to fulfill the awful and unthinkable thing that had to be done. For us.

Unto us a Child is born. Unto us a Son is given.

Let us today be the humble recipients of this greatest of gifts; let us be glad in the lavish expression of Your love for us. Let us experience the peace in our souls that became ours when You came. Let us surrender our hearts and extend our arms into Your glorious embrace.

Let us celebrate Your holiness, Your purity, Your mercy, Your love. Let us celebrate the moment You came to us.

Let us fix our eyes toward the moment You will come to us again.

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