Get Anchored…Stay Anchored

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The 9th annual FB Perry women’s conference is less than a week away. It was really an honor to be asked to share my book, Soul Anchors, at the conference, and I’m looking forward to the fellowship and encouragement that’s going to happen next weekend.

During this process of preparing to speak, I have really been encouraged to see how the Lord has tied together certain principles that He has clearly been trying to teach me over the past few months.

It’s amazing the things that can happen in your life when you allow the Lord free reign to work in you and through you.  And here is the main question I have been asking myself as I prepare:

Am I fully anchored to the hope that Christ gives? Or have I anchored myself to the way that the world thinks I should live?

I challenge you to ask yourself that question, and, more importantly, to ask that question in prayer. Because I guarantee, the Lord will show you!  But here’s the thing- it’s not a bad thing for the Lord to open up your heart to you. When He does, it’s always for an end result for our good and for His glory.

What good do you need in your life today?  Being anchored in this world will always leave you feeling insecure and unsteady, with uncertainty always lingering at the back of your thoughts. Being anchored to the hope that Jesus gives offers so much more.

If you’re anywhere in the Perry, GA, area next weekend, join us for the event!

P.S. Soul Anchors is no longer in print, and can’t be purchased online.






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