Got A Miracle?

I love hearing about the encounters that people have had with God. Those moments when He has spoken so clearly. Those times when He has provided in that “just in time” way that almost makes us chuckle at ourselves for doubting (after we’ve exhaled that sigh of relief).

There are other times when circumstances of life have seemed impossible, and suddenly, that mountain moved, or dry ground appeared in the flood, or two became five.

Because God is not a God who hides in the wings of our lives, watching us struggle to perform a script we’ve never seen before, because God is a God of action, because God is the great Orchestrator of all of it- because of all of that, because He loves us, He acts on our behalf.  And sometimes when he does, we call it a miracle.

I want to hear about your miracles. Will you share them with me?  Comment below or send me an email ( I’m collecting real life stories for a writing project that I’m working on and if yours is chosen, I will need to contact you- so please make sure that your email address is one that you check in on regularly.

Our miracles are stories that someone needs to hear. They are gifts of blessing, delight, and encouragement, and sometimes they are the encounters with God that keep us going another day when we just want to give up. Let’s be generous with sharing them with the people who need to hear them the most.

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