The Best Kind

A couple of weeks ago I wrote to you about all the ways that we hurt, and all the ways that we can help others heal. I mentioned to you about how this truth had been driven home to me through my experience at a local chiropractor’s office.

Each person in this office has blessed me in special ways over the past few months, and I’ve really grown to love each of them dearly. Today when I walked through the door, every one took the time to give me big hugs and wish me a belated happy birthday. They  surprised me with the sweetest card and gift. I was bowled over by the love, and honestly, completely caught off-guard.

Several years ago I was in a pretty nasty car wreck. (You can find more about that incident here.)  The thing about being in the trauma unit is that you will be visited by lots of doctors and other people in medical clothes. I don’t remember most of them.

Here’s the thing I remember: the day after the accident, my multitude of physicians came to my room with their entourages of medical students. They very graciously introduced themselves something like this:

“My name is Dr. Sewemup Andmovemout. Let’s talk about your injuries.”

To which I would groggily and unintelligently respond, “What kind of doctor are you?”

Each of them responded the same (I think it must be in their required reading): “The best kind.”  

The thing is, I imagine that each of these doctors believed that they truly were the best kind- because they were the ones who showed up, patiently introducing themselves multiple times because I couldn’t remember anything from the previous day. They were the best kind because, frankly, they were there, and they were equipped to help me.

Today, as I drove home, it dawned on me that the best kind of medicine is the kind that is delivered with unconditional and lavish love and graciousness. This kind of medicine treats physical pain, but it also treats you on an even deeper level because it treats your heart. Dr. Mike Butler and his staff deal in that kind of medicine. They know how to alleviate your physical pain or suffering while also having compassion for all the baggage that comes in the door with you- the sadness, the frustrations, the brokenness, the fear. I’m really so thankful that I found that kind of doctor right here.


You know I cannot end this blog without encouraging each of you to be that best kind of “doctor.” Or maybe I should say, let’s all be “the best kind” of kind. Every single one of us is hurting- some are just better at covering it up. You don’t have to know someone’s pain to love them, to give them a word of encouragement, to listen, to show up. How can you catch someone off-guard with kindness today?

(I don’t have a sponsored blog, which means that I don’t sell advertising space on my page. Nor have I received any goods or services in exchange for this recommendation. Also, I borrowed this photograph from the Butler Chiropractic and Wellness Facebook page. I sure hope they don’t mind.)

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