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I’m happy and excited to share with you that my latest project Advent to Advent: Readings for 2018– this year’s Advent devotional- is now in production and will soon be one step closer to being in your hands. I will update you with the link where you can order it, so keep watching this page. Advent is December 2-December 24, and I have poured my heart into putting together a devotional guide that I pray will help each of us prepare our hearts for the Advent of our Savior, Jesus.

About the Title and Theme:  
Over the past year, I noticed myself noticing how quickly time passes the older I get. At the same time, it is no secret that our world is changing faster than it ever has. We are blessed with so many great advances in technology and knowledge, but not all of the changes have been good ones. It has been noted by researchers that society is becoming more impatient and angrier as time and technology progresses.

It occurred to me that there is one truth, one constant, that has always and will always be the same in my life, as well as in this world- that one constant is Jesus. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. What peace and comfort there is in knowing that He will never change. This year’s devotionals focus on the fact that His nature and the work that He is doing in our lives is steady. He is trustworthy, He is faithful.

About the Book:
A few things are different about this year’s devotional guide. First, the book is being professionally published this year. I’ve been very pleased with the outcome of this effort, and must thank my sweet friend Victoria Hawkins for her patient work in creating the cover design. She is awesome, and if you have any design needs at all, she is absolutely amazing to work with. Plus, she makes a perfect cup of coffee (and a mouth-watering cinnamon roll to go with it!) at the shop where she is co-owner, Between Friends, in Kathleen, GA.

Second, in addition to the daily readings, the book includes a guide for families who want to observe Advent at home. There are separate readings for each Sunday and activities that will provide inspiration for involving every member of the family in focusing on the Christmas season’s deeper meaning.

Third, I want to note that since there is a charge for the book this year, most of the proceeds are going straight to Grasp International, Inc., a non-profit organization that is strategically performing some ministry efforts that I believe are making a great impact in our nation and our world. I’ll be sharing more about Grasp in another post. Also…..


Yep! Another giveaway from me to my readers! This year, I will be drawing for a beautiful Advent wreath (including candles).  My next post will include details about how you can get in on this, so if you haven’t subscribed to my email list yet, make sure you do that now so  you won’t miss an opportunity to win.

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