Three Reasons to Be Kind Today

This world that we live in can be pretty hard on us, can’t it? Some days I feel discouraged about the things I feel are a constant battle.  Sometimes I find at the end of the day that I am  physically, emotionally, and psychologically exhausted.  And as my head hits the pillow and I reflect over my day, sometimes I ask, “Did I make a difference in this world at all today?”

I am of the belief that we must make a difference. Furthermore, I believe that if more of us were conscientious about making a beautiful mark, that this world would be quite a different place. We don’t need to make witty signs and parade around town to change our world. We don’t need to sign petitions or rally around political figures. And, believe it or not, we really don’t even need much of this social media business (in fact, we may need less of that).

No, I believe that what we really need is to practice simple kindnesses to the people around us and that our very small gestures can make very beautiful marks on the world that we live in.  Here are three reasons I believe that we should start being mindful about practicing kindness in our lives.

  1.  Kindness can take the edge of negativity off the hard things that life throws at us. When we practice kindness despite our circumstances, there is a switch that is thrown in our thought processes. It takes a measure of positive thinking to look beyond the difficulty of life to see a way we can insert something that can soften the uncomfortable moments in life. I have a great story I will share in another blog that examines this very thing. ‘
  2. Kindness connects us to other people on a level that sees beyond rank or station in life and puts us all on the level playing field of the redeemed. True human connection is of great importance, and sadly is something that many people don’t get nearly enough of. So many people feel cast off, left out, and done in. Kindness allows us to remind others, and ourselves, of the deep value of every human life.
  3. Kindness changes our perspective on most everything. Over time, as practicing kindness becomes a habit in how we think and act, we begin to look beyond the ugly to see the beautiful. We become aware of the brevity of life, of the value of others. We begin to seek out those things that make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.  We don’t ignore our problems, we just begin to see them as just problems, and not impossible obstacles.

Our world is a harsh place, but it isn’t so far gone that our commitment to begin living a life devoted to kindness in our words and actions can’t make a difference. Today is a great day to start.



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