What if…?

What if none of this is about me, but instead, it’s all about Him?

What if church was never meant to be a support group for married people, for single people, for widowed people, for mothers, for fathers, for the childless, for children, for young adults, for old adults? What if church was meant to be a place for God’s children to focus only on Him, to learn Him, to know Him, to love Him. What if instead of making our churches so much about us, we allowed Him to make us His church?

What if my pain is not about my healing, but instead is a tool for me to know the fellowship of the suffering of Jesus, to know Jehovah Rapha, to know Jesus the healer, to know the comfort of the Holy Spirit?

What if the storms I go through are not about my becoming stronger, but instead are the vehicles He uses to make His power known in my life, the compasses He uses to move me back into the path He has planned for me?

What if even my struggles with sin and my flesh are not about my weaknesses and my recovery, but instead are meant to push me deeper into Him, to make me cling to Him from desperation, to give me a heart that knows only gratitude for the redemption He has provided for me, so that I would understand and honor the wounds He accepted on my behalf?

What if nothing in my journey is about me after all, and instead is all about Him? All the loss, the laughs, the tears, the anguish, the songs, the screams- all of it- all about Him?

What if I’ve gotten this whole thing wrong? What if I’ve wasted years with eyes on myself, desire for myself, eyes on this world, desire for this world- when instead I could have spent those years knowing Him, loving Him, and adoring Him?

What if my search for joy in this journey came up short because joy is not found in this journey, but is found only in Jesus who walks this journey with me? What if the only light in me, is the light that comes from Him in me?

What if today I stop looking in the wrong places, and start looking to Him, seeing it all through a lens I can only find in His eyes?


2 responses to “What if…?”

  1. Chrissie, thank you for your willingness to examine your thoughts & share so honestly with us.
    I want to revisit this often- I GET IT !♡ ( Jonell Harrison / Deanna’s Mom )


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