The Wondrous Gift


Isaiah 9:6; Luke 2:1-7

Jesus has come. The final advent candle, the Christ candle has been lit. Today is a time for joy and celebration.

Christmas is not about family, though it brings families together. Christmas is not about doing good things for others, though we should rightly seek ways to be kind and charitable. Christmas is not about lights, trees, songs, and all the other good things we do to mark this occasion.

Christmas is about Jesus.  Jesus- our merciful, loving, and righteous God, a God Who was known for His expectation of life dominating holiness from His people- saw our utter inability to be like Him, so He graciously became like us.

But He was like us as we should be- holy and righteous. In becoming man, God lost none of His mercy, none of His justice. No, He became like us to do the work that none of us could do. Through His birth, His life, His death, and His resurrection, He accomplished our redemption.

As we go about wrapping up Christmas, let’s remember that the waiting is not over. There is another Christmas- a second Advent- that we are waiting for. May our hearts always be in a state of preparation, of readiness, to meet Him when He returns.

May you all have a very Merry Christmas!



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