Hope of All the Earth

Christmas Eve enters the scene. Amid all the songs and decorations, the wonderful aromas and flavors of once-a-year indulgences brewing in the kitchen, I hear the sounds of a world that is no different than it is any other day of the year.

There are still wars, still diseases, still famine, still crime…. What’s different, I wonder?

But then I have to ask myself, am I better today? Has all the spiritual preparation I have been doing this Advent changed me at all?

This poem I share with you this evening has become my favorite Christmas poem. It reminds me that despite the foul condition of my heart, the Lord still chose to dwell there. It reminds me that as awful as the world can be, He is still a merciful Savior- He is still the hope of the world.

Find a quiet place to read this, and to bask in praise and gratitude for a Savior who chose our hearts as His home. Absorb into your soul the hope that He offers to all who receive Him.


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