Free from Sorrow


Psalm 31:14-15a, John 16:22, Psalm 16:11

Sometimes I forget that I’m not home yet. I get tempted to allow grief over earthly things and circumstances take over my thoughts, and even to overwhelm my heart. I easily get distracted by fear, by past sin, by “un-smart” things I’ve done, by all the awfulness of life- forgetting to look at my blessings.

But then Jesus pulls me back to Him. His presence in my life is the reassurance that, despite all that awfulness, He is still the lover of my soul. He has no intention of ever leaving me alone. In His presence, my heart is full of joy (Psalm 16:11).

My relationship with Jesus does not mean that everything lost will be restored. It does not mean that my life will be a showroom of worldly pleasures. It does not fill my bank accounts to overflowing. It does not assure me of never being alone.

What Jesus does is this: He frees me from being in bondage to a sorrowful heart. Yes, I’m going to have grief and sorrow in this world, but that grief does not have to have power over me. In John 16:22, Jesus says, “Therefore you too have grief now; but I will see you again, and your heart will rejoice, and no one will take your joy away from you.”

In those times of deepest sorrow, I can remember the joy of the birth of the Lord Jesus at Christmas, and I can look forward to the day when I will see Him face to face, when I will finally be in my eternal home.

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