Celebration of Life

On the evening of Thursday, March 30, 2017, Michael (Mike) Tomlinson passed away at Smith Animal Hospital in Perry, Georgia, after a very brave and patient battle with illness and old age. Private burial followed on Oakhill Drive.

A Good, Good Kitty

The best recollection is that Mike was born around April of 2001 (or perhaps 2002) in Perry and was of a sketchy pedigree. He joined his forever family in May of that same year. He was originally named Brenda (named for Brenda Kinnas who tended him when he was a newborn), however, the second vet he visited confirmed that a name change would be in order. His name was changed to Mike (after Brenda’s husband).

Mike was very playful and mischievous in his earlier years, but he responded well to water-gun training and never bit or scratched anyone. He was friendly to everyone, especially the neighborhood ne’er-do-wells that he would sometimes sneak into the house through the doggy door at night. Shortly after one such (very unfortunate) incident, he became an inside-only kitty, though he never lost his love for the outdoors.  He was quite proud of his ability to turn flips, and maintained this skill even in his later years. He also maintained his mischievous nature until the end, evidenced by his tendency to open cabinets around the house when he was unhappy with someone.

Mike was a good friend and a faithful companion to his family throughout his years. Though he didn’t really like to be held, he enjoyed being close to those he cared about, especially when he knew his companion services were particularly needed in times of sickness, injury or loneliness.

Mike enjoyed napping in spots of sunshine, sitting in the windows and watching the birds, playing with mice until they died of fright, and plundering the purses of visitors. His favorite meal was KFC chicken, and he was particularly fond of Law & Order. He loved Christmas most of all and could be found throughout the season enjoying his cozy spot under the tree.

Mike especially loved his human grandfather Norman (who predeceased him by ten years), his human grandmother Donna, his Aunt & Uncle Donna and George Starr, his Aunt & Uncle Dawn and Dan Maddox and cousins Tucker and Georgia, his Aunt and Uncle Jeannie and Jimmy Hill, good friends, Keiland and Donna Hairrington, and Dorothy Woodard.

All Mike’s favorite places are empty and quiet now, but his paw-prints on our lives will not ever be erased. He will always be remembered as a good, good kitty.

In lieu of flowers, memorials for Mike may be donated to your favorite animal rescue organization.

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