A Life Well-Lived


In the months approaching this half-century mark of my life, it has come to my attention with increasing frequency that we do not get any do-overs when it comes to the time that we are given to spend this side of eternity.  And, I will admit, I waste a lot of it.  I don’t like looking back over my days and taking stock of how much time I’ve spent in my chair scrolling Facebook or online shopping sites. Or even worse… getting caught up in Candy Crush.

My overarching goal for this downhill stretch of life is to be much more intentional with my moments and my days. I decided my philosophy would become “A Life Well-Lived.” But now I have to decide exactly what that means. The idea behind this is to be more consistent in seeing and valuing the eternal that is bound up in each moment here on earth and to make those eternal treasures my priority.

In sharing this with a few close friends, I’ve gotten some interesting responses. Almost everyone has said, “No regrets.” But for me, I don’t think that’s realistic. I mean, let’s face it-  the first time I eat that second piece of bread tonight at dinner I’ve blown that one!

Anyway, I’m just going to throw out my “Top Ten” list of ways I will begin committing to living my life well. Maybe you have some you would like to share, and I welcome your input.

10. Be a wise steward of money and other resources
09. Simplify- clear the clutter, do more with less stuff
08. Make more time for reading and writing
07. Get out in the yard more often
06. When it comes to big tasks, slow down and savor the accomplishments along the way. Set more realistic goals for myself.
05. Bake bread more often (for others!), and learn to crochet again
04. Travel more
03. Be healthy- a better steward of the body and energy God has given me
02. Focus on what I will leave behind when I’m no longer here- not the material things, but those investments I can make in the lives of others
01. Pray first, pray always, pray with the intent to deepen my fellowship with Christ

We all understand there’s no way that “A Live Well-Lived” can be summed up in ten statements. This is just a starting point, and over the following days, I will enlarge on these, and maybe add some more.

Now, it’s your turn- how will you define your Life Well-Lived?

3 responses to “A Life Well-Lived”

  1. Chrissie,
    Excellent! I think that if we trust God to take all of our idiosyncrasies to further his plan, we make more sense to ourselves. We have to listen to that small voice urging us to do what we are designed to do and sometimes that defies everything weve been groomed to do, is against the norm, & is scary.
    Life is more than what our eyes see. Christians know that. We have to live boldy, but not carelessly. I think were really placed on this earth to help others, but the world, in many ways, conditions us against that.
    Anyways, I think we should try many different things before our time is up. Work hard to pay for the things you dreamed of doing. Then do those things without fear and without worry of others’ opinions. It’s easier said then done, but I think if you stay in the word, pray, and do what God leads you to do, youll be happy. Congrats to making the big 50! Keep writing. You’re fine tuning your gift!


  2. I first realized, after my Dad’s death a few years ago, that more of my life is behind me than in front of me. My initial response to that was denial. But since then I’ve also turned 50 and realized that deny or not, it’s true.
    Psalm 20 talks about learning to number our days and gaining wisdom. There is certainly wisdom in understanding that this life is limited and we are to live purposefully – we don’t have time to trifle!
    You know me, I don’t have the focus for a numbered list. I think it boils down to this – what’s my purpose for being here and am i living aimed at that purpose?
    Ultimately, my purpose is to live in relationship with Christ so much so that I reflect HIM to the world around me. Breaking that down is where all the numbering and bullet points come in 😉

    The life philosophys of the world, the no regrets ( i always wanna read that as no regerts! thanks snickers!) or to thine ownself be true, or even the live and let live….all of those are pretty empty and pointess at best and at worst selfish and prideful.

    To live a life well lived…..I read Philippians this morning and noted that Paul said, more than once, that they should follow his example. He was actually telling them to do as he did…..to be able to confidently and with a clear conscience be able to say that is evidence of a life well lived…..He didn’t hold up his accomplishments and experiences, in fact he said it was rubbish! He pointed to his faith, standing firm in Christ, living in obedience…. to put it very simply, a life well lived is for there to be no one at my funeral to be surprised when someone mentions my faith in Christ because He was so visible in every area of my life.

    so here’s my list
    1. stop triflin


    • Stop triflin’- I love that! Trifling is how I waste so much time- it is the sworn enemy of living each moment with purpose. But, I have to say that sometimes things that might seem to be trifling on the surface might also be things that lead us to accomplishing acts of faith that will live on in eternity.

      For example, for me, working in the yard is this great time of fellowship and solitude that draws me so much closer to Jesus. I can really hear Him when I’m outside raking leaves or whatever.

      Also, just maybe, that loaf of bread that I bake for someone will be a door-opener for helping someone else strengthen their faith.

      Like you said, though, faith is the key- faith in every area of our lives- a contagious faith that is unmistakable. That is what makes the difference between trifling with the temporal and investing in eternity.


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