Advent: At Just the Right Time


Thursday, December 15 (Suggested Reading: Galatians 4:4-5)

When I was growing up, my sister and I used to beg my parents every evening during the Christmas season to let us open “just one” gift.  Watching the pile of festively wrapped packages growing under the tree was just too much for our curious little minds.

But our parents always replied with that one word that all children hate to hear: “Wait!”  My mom and dad didn’t want anything to take away from the special spirit of Christmas Day, so they wisely made us wait until the big day came around.

Have you ever wondered why God waited so long to send Jesus to earth?  Why he sent Abraham, Moses, Joshua, the judges, kings and prophets all before He sent Jesus on that first Christmas so long ago?  The answer is in the passage we are reading today, “when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth His son…”  This means that God had a specific time picked out for Jesus to finally come to save His people.  We may not understand why that particular time was God’s chosen one, but we do know that God, in His perfect wisdom, knew exactly what we needed, and exactly when we needed it.

The same is true for His second coming. As we watch the trouble and turmoil in this world, as we watch evil and wickedness increase and goodness and righteousness decrease, it’s easy to wonder why He tarries. But we know that every moment we are allowed to remain here is a moment He has ordained. He has a purpose, He has a plan, and because we are His, we can rest in faith in His ultimate wisdom and perfect timing.

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