Advent: He is with You


Tuesday, December 13 (Suggested Reading Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:18-23)

From Discovering God’s Daily Agenda by Henry and Richard Blackaby

Today’s reading is an excerpt by a piece from Henry and Richard Blackaby. For me, this passage is a reminder of the depth of love that God has for me, that He desires to be a part of my life. He wants to walk with me. He wants to have an intimate relationship with me that impacts every corner of my soul. He wants His glory to radiate through me. He has written a song and He has chosen me to sing it. And He has taken the initiative in all of it. I don’t always feel it, especially on the hard days, but He is always with me.

You know the dark times- those moments when nothing anyone can say or do will change your circumstances or make everything better. Perhaps you’ve been blessed in troubled times to have someone come sit with you, just be with you. That person’s presence was a source of solace, hope, and strength. Similarly, the risen Christ offers His comforting presence to you today.

 The word Immanuel appears only once in the New Testament. No one on record ever called Jesus by this name, yet it is one of the most familiar and encouraging designations of our Lord. Quoting Isaiah 7:14, Matthew applied this title to Jesus as God in the flesh. This name affirms the deity of Jesus, and- as it does so- it clearly implies that God is not only present but also personal and approachable.

 It has been said that God the Father is for us, God the Son is with us, and God the Spirit is in us. That being true, we can know the hopeful reassurance of God’s strength however dark our days may be.

 ….The greatest gift God gives is His presence. His name is Immanuel- God with us.

 For God to be with us indicates that He has dealt with our sin. Experiencing His divine presence also means that, no matter who is against us, every resource of heaven is at our disposal. Knowing that He is with us is testimony to His tender love- and nothing can ever separate us from that love.





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