Advent: Hope Does Not Disappoint


Wednesday, December 7 (Suggested Reading: Romans 5:1-5)

Because Jesus came, we have hope. Without a holy, loving, righteous God who was willing to be born as a man so long ago, who was so determined to have us that He willingly and personally paid the penalty for us… without Jesus, we would have no hope.

Today, meditate on the passage from Romans, then prayerfully read the powerful poem below.

As you read, ask the Lord to restore any hope on which you may have lost your grip through the difficulties of this life. And then, ask Him how you can be a conduit of hope to others. Pray for Him to show you specific ways to reach out to specific people during this season of hope.

My Jesus is…everything! (excerpt)
Anne Graham Lotz

He guards the young.
He seeks the stray.
He finds the lost.
He guides the faithful.                                  He beautifies the barren.
He rights the wronged.                                He restores the failure.
He avenges the abused.                               He mends the broken.
He defends the weak.                                   He blesses the poor.
He comforts the oppressed.                        He fills the empty.
He welcomes the prodigal.                         He clothes the naked.
He heals the sick.                                           He satisfies the hungry.
He cleanses the dirty.                                   He elevates the humble.
He forgives the sinner.
He raises the dead!

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