Advent: He Was, He Is, He Will Always Be


Tuesday, December 6 (Suggested Reading: Isaiah 9:2-7)

All that God was yesterday, He still is today, and will be forevermore. In a world where changes seem to be rapid-fire, making us feel insecure and unstable, His constancy sustains and strengthens us.

From My Jesus Is Everything by Anne Graham Lotz:

He supplies strength to the weary.
He increases power to the faint.
He offers escape to the tempted.

 He sympathizes with the hurting.
He saves the hopeless.
He shields the helpless.
He sustains the homeless.

 He gives purpose to the aimless.
He gives reason to the meaningless.
He fives fulfillment to our emptiness.
He gives comfort in our loneliness.
He gives fruit in our barrenness.

He gives heaven to the hopeless.

He gives life to the lifeless!

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