Advent: He Is The Light


Thursday, December 1.(Suggested Scripture: Luke 2:25-32; Isaiah 9:2; John 8:12; Rev. 21:23)

A missionary spoke of following a car blindly through the winding roads of a mountainous region.  It was the darkest of night, and the only point of reference she had was the small bit of light from the car in front of her.  The next morning, when the sun came up, she was able to see just how treacherous a path she had traveled, and realized that had she dared take her eyes from that one bit of light and lost sight of that lead car, she would have surely plunged over the side of the mountain.

Darkness seems to invade our world. Evil is a cancer that cannot humanly be eradicated from our society and it seems it is manifested in so many different forms these days. Darkness also invades our lives as we face the struggle against temptation, as we face life’s uncertainties and heartaches. Darkness breeds fear and insecurity; and, unfortunately, it also tends to breed false bravado and self-preservation. It seems that wherever there is darkness, there is turmoil.

Thankfully, as believers, we have a point of reference during these darkest of days. Isaiah 9:2 specifically referred to that point of reference, our coming Messiah: “The people who walk in darkness will see a great light; Those who live in a dark land, the light will shine on them.”

As Simeon held the Christ-child in his arms, he declared that this child was indeed the promised Light.  Finally, the people who had walked in darkness for so long would have the light of revelation, and would see the glory of God.

For us, today’s Scriptures remind us of two things.  First, it is through Christ that we have a point of reference in this dark world. Christ is the One we are to look to- the Author and Finisher of our faith.  He is our light, and the glory of His people. And second, we are reminded of that beautiful city that is still to come, where there will be no need of sun or moon, where all the light will come from the Lamb of God Himself.

God has spoken grace into the night- the miracle of mercy in a child.

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