Wednesday, November 30 (Suggested Scripture Reading: Psalm 46)

On November 14, 1992, Vietnam Airlines Flight 474 crashed into the thick jungle on a remote mountainside. Some of the passengers survived the initial crash, only to perish from their injuries before they could be rescued. After eight days, rescuers were finally able to locate the crash site and discovered only one survivor among the wreckage.

Annette Herfkens is a Dutch business woman from New York who was on vacation with her fiancé.  Having survived the crash she was unable to move because of her injuries, which included both hips being shattered. For eight days she laid in the jungle, among the decaying bodies of the rest of the passengers and crew, surviving only on whatever drops of rainwater she could manage to swallow.

Finally, a rescue team located her. As one of the men approached her, he held out a container of fresh water. In recounting this in an interview she said, “I will never forget that first sip of water.”

God’s people have the unfailing promise of rescue to hold onto. When we take that first step of faith in trusting in Jesus Christ, we receive that first sip of living water. This water cleanses us of our unrighteousness so that through Christ we can be rescued from eternal separation from God. This water refreshes us during our most spiritually dry and thirsty days so that we are sustained here on earth through countless hardships and heartaches.

Ultimately, this water Jesus gives allows us to partake in the promise of dwelling in the eternal physical presence of God. As we meditate on His coming to earth as a baby this Christmas season, let us also fix our minds and our hearts on preparing ourselves for His return.