I’ve been listening to a lot of Christmas music the past few months. Yep, I know it’s early- and I know that some people would say it’s a borderline travesty to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Don’t care! What have you been listening to…? Political debates?!

I ran across this song, and it has become my favorite song of the season for this year. It’s a song by Selah, from their Rose of Bethlehem album.

This is not a holly, jingly Christmas song, so you likely won’t want to listen to it while sipping egg nog and decorating your tree. It has what might be called a haunting melody, and a message that causes you to pause for a moment and listen with your heart. It is a song that explores the mystery of the fact that God created man, knowing that Jesus would ultimately have to come to earth as a man and be the perfect atoning sacrifice for our redemption.

Listen to it. It’s a powerful worship song, and it will definitely remind you of just how much you are loved.

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