Lonely Roads


Recently, life has seemed to consist of one really long, lonely road and I don’t like this turn of events at all.

It’s frightening to think about what I might face out here all alone.

It’s way too quiet, with only my own thoughts to keep me company.

Around every curve, I hope for civilization, companionship. But it seems there’s just more of the same.

Almost daily I ask myself what wrong turn did I take to get here. Of all places?!

But it seems that this is the road that my Master chose for me, and I am learning that He can teach me so much about Himself when I stop focusing on the aloneness of it all- the fear, the frustrations, the wishing for it to be over.

Instead, I can hear His voice in the breeze that rustles the trees. I can see His glory in the blue of the sky, the green of the grass, the richness of the soil.

But not only does He teach me about Himself, He makes His presence more and more pronounced. When He takes me away for a time from the people who I would always turn to, when He closes their doors, when He occupies their attention elsewhere, then His voice becomes the only voice I can hear.

What perfect fellowship He is for these lonely, lonely roads.

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