This is my friend and co-worker Adam. Adam Randall

Basically, he’s a good guy. He’s smart. I think he’s good at his job. He’s considerate. He does great sound effects.  He’s a good friend.

But.  Adam is notorious for taking pictures of unsuspecting people. He’s good at this, y’all. Too good. He’s gotten me at least once that I know of- and I hate having my picture taken.

He does videos, too (take my advice…never fall asleep on the job!).

The photos Adam takes of people are totally candid, unposed, capturing moments when you may be sleeping, you may be sitting uncomfortably with the “grown-ups” at an office luncheon, you may be trying your best to respond graciously to an untimely interruption, or you may be dancing around a scurrying roach on the floor. He takes pictures of people living their lives unmasked, and that is what makes his “hobby” so appealing, and at the same time, so frightening! You just don’t know what sorts of blackmail is lurking in the memory of that man’s iPhone!

It’s the fact that he catches you with your guard down that makes this picture taking thing of his so scary.  See, I like my mask. Behind my mask is my safe place. It’s where I can cover over my insecurities, my fears, my prejudices.

I think if I truly understood how completely I am accepted by my Lord I would put my mask down. I am to reflect the likeness of Christ, but how can I do that if I am covering over the person that I really am?

Who said that in order to show the light of Christ I have to look flawless at all times? That’s not right at all! His strength is made perfect in my weakness, so what’s wrong with allowing others to see my weaknesses? What’s wrong with giving the world permission to observe how God gives me grace in my struggle to overcome my flaws and missteps?

Yeah, it might be a scary thing, and many people won’t be able to handle all the ugliness that is my life. The thing is, though, Jesus is always with me, His eye is always on me, and nothing that I ever do, say or think can make Him leave me. He’s promised this over and over again.

Because of this, I don’t have to live in this lonely place, I don’t have to stay in hiding from the world, I don’t have to pretend. His love and acceptance makes me want to live life unmasked- not so others can see me, but so they can see Him living through me.