This Road Home

Smith road 1

When I first started writing my blog, it was mostly for the purpose of providing a variety of perspectives on concepts that were being taught in Sunday School and Bible studies at the church where I was serving. Since I’m no longer serving in a ministry career, my blog has kind of transformed as life has transformed, so I wanted to make some changes to reflect that.

The idea of “This Road Home: Grace for the Journey” is one that has been simmering in my mind and in my heart for several years. We all are on a journey to eternity, and though it might sound a bit morbid to some people, this is something that crosses my mind every single day, and, what’s more, it is something that gives me great joy.

As we each travel our roads, the Lord gives us each unique joys and challenges, He gives to us liberally from His wealth of grace and mercy, He gives us immeasurable and unconditional love, and, most of all, He gives us Himself. He leads us, He guides us, He prepares the way for us, and He carries us. For those of us who choose to follow Him, He is the driving force behind our decisions, our convictions, and our relationships.

Life here and life in eternity is all about Him. My story is His story, and I hope as you read these words, as I share my heart with you, that you are encouraged on your own journey, on your own road home.

(Photo credit: Jasee McLeod, Leakesville, MS)

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