I Forgot to Feed the Cat


Every morning like clockwork- wake up, get up, feed the cat. Once the bowl is filled, I can carry on with my day however I wish. But the bowl must be filled.

This evening, when I walked in the door Fiona Fred met me at the door with such a hurt, pitiful expression on his face, I knew I had done something wrong. Through kitty telepathy, he let me know that he was hungry and it was my fault.  The oversight was immediately corrected, but I am still on the receiving end of a little bit of righteous indignation.

Forgetfulness in my life is often a symptom of an over-crowded life, and I don’t think that I’m alone in this. We take so much on ourselves- all with good intentions- but often without counting the cost and without factoring in what we already carry.  We have a human capacity for burden-bearing, but we often overestimate what that means.

I have written before about balance in life, and I often wonder if I will ever achieve it. But I am committed to beginning everyday with the intention of fully living every minute, but not trying to cram an extra second or two in that God never intended for me to have.  I may fail every now and then in that commitment, but hopefully one day, I will get it right.

There’s joy in life only when we follow God’s timetable. Trying to live according to anyone else’s just leads to regret, anxiety, and a hungry cat who has probably wondered all day long if he has been forgotten forever. Who have you forgotten to feed today?

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