This Sunday is our last lesson in our series of studies on who God wants to be in our lives.  This week’s truth is that God is our provider.  Throughout my career, this is a truth that I have held on to- one that God has used to teach me to trust Him on deeper and deeper levels that I would never have learned without the struggles that I have faced, and do face, along the course of my days.

I have learned to turn my need into an opportunity for sweet fellowship, steeped in thanksgiving, with God.  This is not to say I always hit a home-run with this! I often fret and worry when I can’t see the immediate answer to my needs.  My stomach still flutters a little when the mail comes and I know there is something in there requiring payment.  But the thing is, in my heart of hearts, I KNOW that my God will provide.

Randy Alcorn has written a great little devotional called Seeing the Unseen, and one of his writings is on this very topic- seeing God as our source.  In it, he directs readers to a great article on his own blog, Eternal Perspectives, that I highly recommend.  The title  is “Longing for God and Joy.” Just click on the title and the link should take you there.

Learning to trust God on earth, in this life, and learning to seek Him, is an eternal lesson. True trust, not resignation, not weariness, but what a friend once called firmly latching onto all that God wants to be in our lives- this is also a lifelong lesson.  We can easily become cynical, bitter, and fearful in the light of lingering needs and unanswered prayer. It is perhaps our human nature to become so.  However, God has a higher calling for His people, and wants our lives to emit a sweet fragrance no matter our circumstances.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday (and my Daniel Plan mates tonight and tomorrow)!